Last year my wife and I lived in DC’s Brookland neighborhood and would frequent the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market at the Monroe Street Market Arts Walk. Being much smaller than some of the other markets in the city, vendors changed frequently. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. It’s nice to have new vendors with different products each week. Once you’ve visited some of the bigger markets one time, you’ve seen all there is to see.

In general, I’m a sucker for local products. I love this city, and the community, and love buying local. It was at this market that we discovered the line of 8 Myles Sauces. Myles Powell is an engineer turned sauce maker. 8 Myles refers to the number of sauces he plans to create. So far, 3 fruit flavored concoctions are available: Raspberry BBQ, Mango Magic (A Buffalo/BBQ hybrid), and Pineapple Buffalo. We sampled the Pineapple Buffalo. Though I’m not a huge fan of fruity sauces, this one hit all the right notes without having the pineapple be over-the-top in-your-face fruity. We really liked it, so we purchased a bottle for around $8.

Last week, my wife and I gave decided on fried chicken salad for dinner, and we pulled out the 8 Myles sauce to give it a go. Once the chicken was cooked we tossed it in the sauce. Almost immediately 8 Myles Pineapple Buffalo sauce became a favorite in our home. Between it being a local product, and it actually tasting great, it will definitely be our go-to Buffalo sauce.

What did I like about 8 Myles Pineapple Buffalo Sauce?

The first thing I noticed before I even put it in my mouth is that there’s a nice thickness, weightiness, and texture to the sauce. It coated the chicken really well, nestling it’s way into the cracks of the breading, and staying there. Just by looking at it you can see the chili flakes and tiny chunks of pineapple. Real ingredients! As a matter of fact, a quick look at the label shows pineapple as the first ingredient.

The pineapple plays a nice role. It brings a level of texture and freshness to the sauce that other bottled Buffalo sauces feel like they lack. The hint of citrus makes the sauce pop without overwhelming it’s robust Buffalo flavor. Pineapple is the #1 ingredient. The garlic and chili flakes are a great compliment.

The sauce contains honey, is gluten-free, and has no processed sugar. (1g of sugar per tablespoon.) Even so, it’s definitely not overly sweet. And while the bottle describes it as mild mannered, I’d put it closer in range to a slow medium heat that builds with every bite. Which is exactly my speed of hotness!

Overall this sauce is delightful, and I’d highly recommend giving 8 Myles Pineapple Buffalo Sauce a try. It feels good to shop local, and in this case, it tastes good too. I won’t hesitate to pour these on my next batch of homemade wings!