If you’ve never had Korean Fried chicken wings, you don’t know what you’re missing. BonChon is one of the more established names in the game, and they do not disappoint. Super crunchy on the outside, always tender on the inside, I’ve never had a meal at Bonchon that I didn’t like. Then again, I’ve never ordered anything other than the chicken wings!

In addition to the wings themselves, they serve up entirely unique and acceptable accompaniments that is a really nice add. There are only two flavor options: Soy Garlic, and Hot. There’s no bite at all to the soy garlic, but only go for the hot if you really like hot! I’ve tried them multiple times, and the hotness seems to vary, but one thins is for sure, it’s a heat that slowly builds through the last bite. If that’s your forte, go for the hot!


Bonchon, Soy Garlic Chicken Wings | How they rate:


I challenge you to find a better alternative. Bonchon has mastered the art of the crunch. The wings are double fried…yes, fried twice…and the results are simply outstanding! And somehow they manage to do it all while leaving the insides very tender, never overcooked. It just doesn’t get better than this. If you think you know of a wing whose crunch is better than this, please leave me a comment! I must try it.


My biggest complaint with Bonchon is that the wings don’t have much sauce. Now I know different styles provide different amounts of sauce, but this really is a bit too light. Your hands will probably more oily than sticky from sauce after eating these. I’ve even asked for extra saucy, but it never really changes.


The soy garlic flavor does shine through. In general I’m a big fan of asian foods and flavors, and this one is spot on. The salty soy is the first note you’ll get, followed by mellow garlic undertones, and even a slight sweetness. If I had to guess, there might be some rice win vinegar involved. If you like Asian food, you can’t go wrong with these.

Start to Finish:

These wings¬†are satisfying. Thats the best way to put it. The crunch , tenderness, and the flavor add up to a wing that you will enjoy all the way though. As a side note though, I’ve tried reheating leftovers once or twice, and it’s really not the same thing. You only get one good shot at these, so eat them while they’re hot!


You won’t get any celery or blue cheese, but that’s ok here, because you get something entirely different: Kimchi slaw and pickled daikon radish. You also have an option of rice as a side. They are more than appropriate for the flavors you’ll find in the dish. I’m a big fan of pickled daikon. The servers will tell you it’s to cool your mouth from the hot wings, but I’d just as well eat these like a normal human eats potato chips. I love them. I’m a sucker for just about anything pickled. Just be careful, some of the franchises charge for extra, so make sure you ask first. (And then only go to the ones that don’t charge, because you’re going to want more.) The kimchi slaw is also worth a try. It brings a bit of heat, but is still a refreshing bit with a different texture to accompany the dish.

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Sunday – Wednesday: 11:30-9:30pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11:30-11pm

Bonchon has a DC location and several in Virginia. For the purpose of this review, we visited their Arlington location.