I’ve been to Smoke and Barrel in Adams Morgan on several occasions. Most of the time when I walk into a BBQ joint my eyes get laser focused looking for the terms brisket and burnt ends on the menu. If you never had burnt ends, they’re the fatty, burnt edges of the brisket that used to be thrown away, but have more recently turned into a delicacy. In that regard they are kind of like chicken wings! But it didn’t take me long to noticed that Smoke and Barrel served wings.

The first time we noticed them, we opted for Smoke and Barrel’s Buffalo Blue wings. They are some of the best Buffalo wings I’ve had in the area. This time around, we opted to try a different flavor: Chipotle Honey Butter wings. I typically prefer my wings with a sweeter sauce. However, these weren’t exactly what I was expecting. And the price tag is one of the most expensive we’ve encountered at $1.67 per wing.

How they rate: Smoke and Barrel Chipotle Honey Butter Wing Review


I was happy with the texture. As mentioned in an earlier Smoke and Barrel review, smoked wings are hard to compare directly to fried wings. The crunch will never be the same. Having said that, the wings were cooked really well and made for a good bite. There is no noticeable smoke ring on them.


The wings had a good bit of sauce on them. I’d even liken it more to a thick glaze. It was a sticky, gooey, lick your fingers when you’re done style sauce.


These were a bit of a letdown after the Buffalo Blue. The Chipotle Honey Butter wings were not overly sweet, but the honey was the dominate note. Being labeled as chipotle, I expected they’d have a good kick of heat to them, but they were as mild as can be. I’d image the honey being so prevalent plays a part in that.

Start to Finish:

The honey wore me down a bit as I progressed through the dish. It was never overwhelmingly sweet, it was just a bit too on the nose throughout. I also waited a good deal of time for a side of blue cheese. That certainly helped, but by then the wings had cooled significantly and weren’t as enjoyable.


None. None at all. No celery, no blue cheese, just wings. I asked for a side of blue cheese and was given one at no extra cost which is good….but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just offer it up to begin with. I get on from a Buffalo Blue perspective cause the blue cheese is in the sauce, but here, without it there’s nothing to cut into the sweetness.

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S$10 for 6 Wings | $1.67 per wing