Ahh, General Tso. Any self-respecting connoisseur of Chinese-American cuisine has had their fair share. Some version of it exists in just about every Chinese restaurant in America. It has even inspired a documentary called The Search for General Tso. And now, thanks to PING by Charlie Chiang in Shirlington, you can even have General Tso’s Chicken Wings.

Now if it were up to me all the time, I’d probably choose some form of Asian cuisine for dinner 9 times out of 10. However, I also understand that not everyone feels that way. (And my wife is one of those people.) But if you’re a fan of General Tso’s, you’re going to love this marriage of the flavor you already admire, with the texture of a well cooked crispy wing. I enjoyed these wings more than the rating indicates, but the accompaniments are pretty much non-existent.


How they rate: PING by Charlie Chiang, General Tso’s Chicken Wings Review


These wings are labeled on the menu as crispy and they did not disappoint. They’re dredged and fried in a pan and there is a good bit of crunch to the bite. The coating wasn’t as evenly applied as I would have liked, but regardless, it held the sauce quite well.


These wings were coated with a good amount of the General Tso’s sauce. However, again there are inconsistencies. Some of the wings were coated much better than others. There was enough sauce on the plate, so I think it was just a matter of rushing in the kitchen. They leave plenty of sauce on your fingers, and you’ll need that wet towel they give you, even after you try to lick the sauce off.


I would have enjoyed some heat to the wings, but the sweetness overpowers whatever hotness the chili flakes might have brought. They would be agreeable to anyone who can’t stand anything more than mild. They’re sticky, and sweet, and everything you’d expect from a good General Tso’s sauce: soy, garlic, chili pepper, and sugar. Lots of sugar. The wings were garnished with fresh green onion and a whole chili pepper. I suppose I could have gotten some heat from that! Well done PING.

From Start to Finish:

I loved these things from the first bit to the last. I only wish there were more of them! $8 for 5 wings feels a bit steep, but I greatly enjoyed them.


Here’s where the score is going to take a big ding, and it really is too bad cause I enjoyed these wings. The only accompaniment PING gives you isn’t something you eat. It’s a moist towel. You will definitely need it. And it’s no plain Wet-Nap either, it’s a strong towel that holds up to vigorous scrubbing. But aside from the wings and the garnish, there was nothing on the plate. No celery. No blue cheese. I think the blue cheese would have really complimented the sweet flavors, but I enjoyed the flavor enough to not bother asking for some, which I don’t think they would have even had.

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Mon-Fri: 11:30-10:00pm
Saturday: 11:30-10:30pm
Sunday: 12-10pm


$7.95 for 5 wings | $1.59 per wing