When it comes to sauces, I’m not afraid to branch out beyond your basic Buffalo sauce. In fact, I prefer it. Some of my upstate New York friends tend to balk at the idea, but I like variety and new flavors. So I was excited to stumble across something completely different this afternoon. Chimichurri chicken wings from Silver in Bethesda, MD.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with chimichurri, it’s an Argentinian sauce and marinade made from a mixture of finely chopped fresh herbs. It usually contains parsley, oregano, and garlic and is mixed with oil and vinegar. It’s typically served on grilled meats. At Silver, paired with a salsa roja and black sesame seeds, these chimichurri wings are a unique bite that will help you branch out of your chicken wing comfort zone.

How they rate: Silver, Chimichurri Chicken Wings Review


These wings are small. I get that Silver prides itself on local, fresh, organic ingredient, but even the bartender admitted he’d eat them more if there was more meat on the bones. Though chimichurri is traditionally used on grilled meats, I’m fairly certain these wings were fried. They had a good crunch to them, but they were also slightly overcooked.


I love a saucy wing! Actually, there were two sauces. The wings were fully coated in chimichurri, but also had a healthy amount of salsa roja drizzled over them. You’ll need to keep you napkin handy.


Silver’s chimichurri brings the freshness you expect, but no heat. I was able to try the sauces separately from what had dripped onto the plate. I’m guessing that Silver also uses basil in their chimichurri because it almost had a pesto-like quality to it. The salsa roja might have been my favorite part. Think of it as a very thin salsa. This one brings a mild heat to the party when tasted separately, and while peppery, could almost pass for a Mexican version of buffalo sauce. The chimichurri and the salsa roja combine for an interesting wing flavor unlike anything I’ve ever had. These are worth trying.

From Start to Finish:

I would have enjoyed these more if there was more to enjoy, and they weren’t overcooked. At $12 for 8 wings, the price is steep. But I guess thats what you pay for organic. A meatier wing would have held up better. Still I enjoyed the flavors enough that I would have these again.


While there was no celery, they served the wings with a homemade ranch that was probably one of the best ranch dressings I’ve ever had. Yes, I prefer blue cheese, but this dressing was really good, and clearly fresh. Though I would have loved something to smear in the extra sauces, I’m not sure celery would have gone with the dish anyways.

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