You say Mambo Sauce, I say Mumbo Sauce. And still others say Mombo or Mumba. It’s all the same, right? Well, Kind of. Mumbo Sauce is a well known DC staple. At it’s core, it’s a tangy, sweet, redish colored condiment that one would liken to a Chinese sweet and sour sauce. Although there’s a debate over who first invented it, I’m a big fan of Capitol City’s Mambo Sauce. There is a nice kick of heat to the hotter version. Although there are many applications these days, the sauce is traditionally served on fried chicken and french fries. Such is the case at The Ugly Mug on Barracks Row in DC.

How they rate: The Ugly Mug, Mambo Sauce Wing Review


These Ugly Mug Mambo wings carried an above average crunch! The nature of the sauce gave it an almost candy-like glazed coating that adds texture to every bite. They were dredged and cooked very nicely! For this reason, they get high marks for texture.


The wings were coated completely, so I cant complain. Per usual though, I would have loved some more sauce. There wasn’t any drippage happening on the plate, which surprised me for a thinner sauce.


In general I’m a big fan of mumbo/mambo sauce, and I enjoyed these wings. Having said that, they were fairly one note: sweet; but not over the top sweet. If you’re not a fan of sweet wings, you’ll want to steer clear. Some heat might have added more balance, but these were as mild as can be.  A little more depth to the sauce would have helped. Perhaps a bit more vinegar would have added some depth.

From Start to Finish:

If you like mumbo sauce and or sweet wings, these should be right up your alley! I’d definitely get them again. The crunch and the way the sauce glazed was plenty enough to keep me digging in. It was opening day of baseball on my visit, and they had a plethora of games available to watch. That surely helped as well. It was a great atmosphere.


The accompaniments are another big plus for The Ugly Mug. Not only did they give me plenty of celery, they added carrots, and gave me 2 sides of Blue Cheese. The waiter asked me if I wanted ranch or blue cheese. Of course I’ll always choose blue cheese for wings when available. He must have thought I was unsure because he asked if I wanted both ranch and blue cheese. I told him no thanks, but I’d love some extra blue cheese. And he came through! For some reason I feel like that request almost never ends up coming through.  As a result of his forward thinking, I didn’t have to wait on the waiter. I had all the blue cheese I’d need.

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Sunday – Thursday: 11am-1:30am
Friday & Saturday: 11am-2:30am


8 wings for $10 | $1.25 per wing
16 Wings for $16 | $1 per wing

Wednesday Special:

8 wings for $8 | $1 per wing