Could 10 Tavern have the best wings in DC? It’s possible.

A while back I stumbled across an image of some wings on Instagram that caught my eye because of their presentation. The blue cheese came in a little milk bottle looking vessel. Turns out that the wings were from 10 Tavern, located in Chinatown across from the Verizon Center. A quick visit to their website revealed that they think highly enough of their wings to make them the main image. I’ve been trying to get to 10 Tavern every since. I almost made it for lunch a few weeks ago, but then discovered that they don’t actually open until 3pm. However, it looks like lunch hours are coming soon.

These wings were worth the wait! 10 Tavern may just have the best Buffalo Wings I’ve had to date in the District! Crunchy, saucy, and spicy, with a thick, finger-licking good Buffalo sauce. They became an instant favorite. 10 Tavern runs a Happy hour special every day from 3:10-7:10pm, including weekends. With the happy hour special, it’s $9 for 8 wings. They also have a late night happy hour from 10pm – 2am where wings are $5. I have no idea if the serving size is the same, but if they are, I know where I’m headed for the next UFC event.

How they rate: 10 Tavern, Buffalo Wings Review


It’s hard to find a great balance between crunch on the outside and juiciness on the inside because often you end up with overcooked meat. However, these Buffalo wings were cooked perfectly. They offered the right amount of crunch while maintaining a moist inner layer of chicken goodness.


10 Tavern sauces their wings very well. I can’t give full marks for sauciness because I would have loved a little more sauce in the basket to drag my celery through, but the wings were tossed really well with plenty of sauce. It had a thick consistency to it, not very runny at all. My fingers accumulated plenty of sauce throughout the meal.


Bingo. Spot on! Classic Buffalo. Thick, creamy sauce. Great kick of heat. I asked if they made their own Buffalo sauce, and was told they use Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo as a base, but then add things like habanero. These were definitely hotter than your average run of the mill Buffalo wing I’ve had lately. I would label them on the low high end of my high heat range. Definitely above what I would consider medium for me anyways. They were very flavorful. They just do it right. Buffalo sauce the way it’s supposed to be.

From Start to Finish:

I enjoyed these all the way through. The crunch, the sauce, the heat, it all added up to fantastic bites from the first to the last. The heat was as prevalent in bite 1 as it was at the end. No slow build here, it’s just there, lingering at the same hotness level the whole way through.


10 Tavern provides the goods to go along with their Buffalo Wings! The celery was plentiful and the blue cheese was abundant! They did offer us the choice of blue cheese or ranch for those of you that swing that way. If I was going to complain about anything, it’s that the blue cheese was in these little milk jug looking bottles, which made dipping impractical at best for the flappers, and impossible for the drums. They provide a tiny little spoon to accompany the jar to assist. I could complain further, but then again, the bottle stuck out on Instagram and thats how I stumbled across them in the first place, so I can’t knock them too hard.

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10 Tavern

3PM-2AM Daily
Lunch Hours Coming Soon


$13 for 8 wings | $1.63/wing

Happy Hour: 3:10-7:10PM
$9 for 8 wings | $1.12/wing

Late Night Happy Hour: 10PM-2AM
$5 Wings (Not sure on Quantity)