This time the hunt for the best wings in DC take us out of the Distractor some Charm City wings. Since my favorite wings of all time are no longer available in Baltimore, I had to find someplace else to get my wing fix. After a recent visit to the National Aquarium, we popped over to the Fells Point neighborhood for some good eats. Fells Point, located a short distance from the Inner Harbor, has a historic waterfront feel that is reminiscent of Annapolis.

One member of our party has a gluten intolerance, so we oped to check out Alexander’s Tavern, which has a gluten free menu. They also have wings. Award-winning wings to be precise. I noted on the website that their Charm City Wings had twice medaled in the apparently now defunct Charm City Wing Wars. In 2011, Alexander’s took home the bronze, and in 2012, the gold medal. So how could I possibly pass up an opportunity for award winning wings? Especially when I saw a Honey Sriracha option!

Much to the chagrin of my Upstate New York pals, I’m likely to opt for Honey Sriracha wings over Buffalo style wings every time. I do love some sweet heat. They also had a “Buff-a-que” option that was tempting, but in the end, I stuck with what I love.

How they rate: Alexander’s Tavern, Charm City Wings Review


These wings were cooked very well. Deep fried to a perfect golden brown. These wings provided the satisfying crunch I crave in any good chicken wing.


Sweet and sticky as you’d expect from a Honey Sriracha wing, but much less sauce than what I would prefer. They were coated evenly, but a far too light. I did steal a barbecue wing from someone else’s plate, and those were sauced much better. Next time I’ll ask for extra sauce.


The Charm City wings were tasty, however they didn’t provide much heat. I’d rank them as mild, which is disappointing for anything with the word “Sriracha” in it. They were a good combination of honey and Sriracha flavor, they just missed on the heat. Additional sauce would likely have helped.

From Start to Finish:

The concern with any sweet variety of chicken wing is that sweet will dominate the palate. These wings did not do that. The flavors of the honey and the Sriracha were well balanced despite the lack of heat. That made for an enjoyable dish all the way through to the end.


Alexander’s play by the rules in my accompaniments book. Blue cheese was provided, and extra was given upon request without additional charge. They also loaded up on both celery and carrots. Exactly what you’d expect!

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Alexander’s Tavern

Mon – Weds: 11am-Midnight
Fri: 11am-2am
Weekends: 10am-Midnight


$10.50 for 8 wings | $1.31/wing