On a recent date night with my wife we made a last minute change of plans that resulted in an hour wait for a table at The Red Hen. So what’s a guy to do with an hour to kill? Continue the quest to discover the best chicken wings in DC, of course! Just down the block in the Bloomingdale neighborhood we stumbled upon Crisp Kitchen + Bar. With a name like Crip, I suspected they’d have some wings. Luckily we were able to snag the last open table and pregame our Italian dinner with Crisp’s DC Hot Wings.


How they rate: Crisp Kitchen + Bar, DC Hot Wings Review


I suppose the pressure is on when you call yourself Crisp. It evokes a certain expectation for the texture. I had assumed their chicken wings would be breaded because in my head I kept seeing traditional fried chicken because of the name, but they were not breaded. They were however, cooked perfectly, fried to a near perfect golden brown. I found a good crunch in every bite while still being perfectly moist inside. They were also a fairly hefty size, which I like. No complaints here at all!


My wife and I had a disagreement about the amount of sauce on the wings. In my book, they were fairly well sauced. The thing to remember here is that it wasn’t Buffalo style…it was hot sauce. There’s a big difference, or should be anyways, in the consistency between Buffalo sauce and hot sauce. So yes, the sauce is going to run a little more, but the wings were glistening with sauce, and I did scoop some out of the dish with the celery and carrots.


I’m not sure what makes the sauce “DC” Hot Sauce. There was no sweetness to it like a Mumbo Sauce. Regardless, the hot sauce had a great flavor. I’d describe the heat as a low end medium, but I do enjoy a sauce that brings plenty of flavor along with the heat.

From Start to Finish:

Once again, a solid report in this category as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish. The hot sauce was different enough from a Buffalo sauce. They held their own quite as something a bit different from wings I’ve had elsewhere. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by for these again.


I have to knock down the score a little bit here because Crisp failed to fully deliver what it promised. The menu describes them as being served with shaved onion and pickles, which I was really excited about. However, there was no shaved onion or pickles to be found in the basket. There were a few sticks of celery and carrots, and those were of good quality. But I did walk away disappointed in that regard. We also were offered our choice of ranch or blue cheese. My wife lands more on the side of ranch, so she was pleased. I stuck with the traditional blue cheese.

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Crisp Kitchen + Bar

Monday: Closed
Tues-Thurs: 5pm-12am
Friday: 5pm-1am
Saturday: 11am-1am
Saunday: 11am-9pm


$10 for 8 wings | $1.25/wing