Today’s quest for the best chicken wings in DC took me to Due South in Navy Yard. Most people head to the Navy Yard for Nats baseball, but I usually go for the beer, wine, and ice cream. I’d heard good things about Due South’s barbecue, but why hasn’t anyone told me about their wings? There seems to be an abundance of smoked chicken wings in the DC area, and some of them to be quite fatty.  However, Due South has done them right. These wings will find a place among our favorites. Smoked, dry rubbed, and flash fried, these little guys carried that crunchy texture you almost never get with smoked wings.

How they rate: Due South, Smoked Chicken Wings Review


The texture on a smoked wing is very different from what you’d normally get with fried chicken wings. And if someone describes a smoked wing as crispy, it’s probably because it was overcooked. On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes the fat in the skin doesn’t quite render down enough and they’ll carry a spongy consistency. But that’s not at all what happened here. These wings were smoked well, dry rubbed with savory barbecue flavorings, and flash fried to add a crunch. I was taken aback by the texture in the first bite, and instantly knew I was going to love them.  Crispy smoked wings!


Being that the wings were dry rubbed, they were served that way without any sauce on them. Normally I would take issue with this, but these wings were so flavorful, that no sauce was needed. I also have to consider the fact that they were strongly coated with a dry rub. In that way, they provided a different version of sauce complete with sticky, seasoning-coated, lick-em-clean fingers. Though they were served with Alabama White Sauce on the side, and I’ll discuss that more later, the dry rub and cooking techniques carried these, and truly no other sauce was needed. So well done!


The lack of sauce allowed the smokiness of the wings to shine through. The savory rub aided the smoke flavor and flash frying them not only provided the crunch i desire in a good wing, but it brought the dry rub to life with a wonderful aroma. The Alabama White Sauce, which I’ve had on wings before, was a good addition to the plate to keep things fresh and unique as a dipping sauce. Mayo and vinegar are two of my favorite ingredients, and it kept the alternative barbecue vibe, while adding an acidic bite. There really wasn’t any sweetness to the dish.

From Start to Finish:

These wings did not disappoint. They exceeded expectations from the first bit to the last. I only wish I had ordered the 12 instead of the 6, but our plan was to sample quite a bit across the menu. At 6 for $9, these are some of the more expensive wings I’ve had in DC, but with such a unique take, it was worth it.


Two sticks each of celery and carrots felt a little weak. The celery definitely looked and felt like it was accidentally left out of the soup de jour. In place of blue cheese the wings were served with Alabama White Sauce, which I rather enjoyed as a do-it-yourself saucing option.

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Due South

Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm


$9 for 6 wings | $1.50/wing
$15 for 12 wings | $1.25/wing