The Ratings System District of Wings, Washington DC

How do we find the Best Wings in Washington DC?

How do we rate wings? What are the factors that come into play when searching for the best wings in Washington DC and it’s surrounding areas? What makes one wing better than any other?

We’ve thought about what we enjoy, and have developed a method of ratings that works well for us. We understand that we all have different tastes, but when it comes to wings, the majority of wing lovers look for some, if not all of the things we do. The following are the categories by which we at District of Wings score our wings, and a brief explanation of what we’re looking for.

Wings will receive an overall scored from 0-100%, 100 being the ultimate chicken wing. I may not have had that quite yet, but there are some local spots that make a damn fine batch of drums and flappers.

    We don’t have a separate category for heat simply because what we consider hot might be mild to someone else. Sure, you can say that about every category we do rate, but most people will find common ground on just about everything else. We can rate the sauciness very low because we consider the wing dry, and you’ll have a pretty good idea as to how much sauce was actually on the wing. But when it comes to heat, we can take one bite of what someone considered medium and feel like our faces are melting off. The range is too wide. We’ll certainly give you our take on the matter, especially where it pertains to the flavor, but there is not a separate rating criteria for it.


It’s important that a wing be cooked well, regardless the cooking method. When we eat chicken wings, we’re looking for texture. There has to be a crunch factor. Doneness of the meat is also factored in. Largely this category is scored based on the crispness of the wing. If it’s grilled, we’re looking for a char on the outside. Texture is key.


The sauciness rating ultimately is driven by the style of wing. We won’t deduct points for a less saucy wing if the style is intended to be that way. However, in most cases, we want our wings smothered in sauce. Ever get a wing that’s half covered in sauce? Not good. Some people might even say that chicken wings are just a delivery method for the sauce. While we don’t operate that way, we also don’t want any part of our wings to be dry unless it’s intentionally supposed to be.


This is pretty self-explanatory. How well do they taste? Do they taste like the flavor they were billed as? Don’t call a wing habanero or flaming hot if the sauce doesn’t have any spice to it.

From Start to Finish:

There are times when you dig into a basket of wings and love them from the start, but by the time you get to the end, for whatever reason, you’re just not enjoying them as much. Maybe they got too cold. Or maybe the sauce overpowers and muddies the palette. Or maybe there is a slow burn to the heat that has you crying by the end. Ideally, the last bite should be as good as the first.


With the Wingspector General originally hailing from Upstate New York, we’re accustomed to getting blue cheese and celery with our wings. And on occasion, carrots. Wings aren’t wings without the extras that fill out the dish. I shouldn’t have to ask for them, and they should be of high quality. One might call it entitlement, but we really believe that’s just the way it’s supposed to be done. Celery isn’t exactly bustling with flavor to begin with, so we certainly don’t want a flimsy, rubbery stick of whatever didn’t make it in the soup de jour. We use it to scoop up the extra sauce, or to cool down our mouths with the help of some blue cheese. And if you charge us $0.50 for an extra blue cheese…well thats just plain cheap. Good celery and blue cheese is a must.